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NextBook PREMIUM 7 Android Tablet PC , Best Android Tablet

Monday, September 26, 2011

NextBook PREMIUM 7 is an android pc tablet in the premium series. This computer tablet  is the seventh and the newest of the premium series and uses version 2.3 of the android o.s. With this android pc tablet, you can multitask. NextBook PREMIUM 7 allows you to listen to your music, surf on the internet and play you favorite games all at the same time.

  • Google Android OS 2.3
  • WIFI & SD card compatible
  • Embedded BookStore App
  • 7" TFT Capacitive Display Android 2.3 Tablet
  • 800 x 480 High Resolution Android 2.3 Tablet
  • Built-in 4GB Memory Storage
  • Built-in G sensor
  • The 7 inch Android Tablet is preloaded with 25 Free eBooks
  • Built-in Speaker
  • SD/MMC Card Slot for Memory Expansion
  • MP3 & Photo Viewer
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The NextBook PREMIUM 7 has a touch screen just like any other pc tablet computer. However, this screen is rotatable. The screen has been designed in a sleek and classy way and is 7 inches long. This height of the screen is just perfect for a tablet computer. The screen is highly sensitive to touch and therefore, while using this pc tablet, you need not apply any pressure as you navigate through the screen. NextBook PREMIUM 7 has a screen that has a good number of pixels to give you the amazing picture resolution that you seek and giving you sharp images.


  • CPU :
  • Based on Cortex A8
  • Main CPU frequency: 1GHz
  • RAM 2 x 256MB DDR
  • OS Android 2.3
  • Hardware : IBM PC or computable PC
  • Memory Card Type SD card, 1GB,2GB,4GB(SDHC),8GB(SDHC)
  • Operation System : Windows 2000XP/Vista/Windows 7/Linus2.4/MAC OS 10.6.7above
  • Interface :
  • USB2.0 high speed
  • SD
  • 3.5MM Earphone
  • Connection Agreement                WIFI (802.11)
  • G-sensor Support 360 rotation
  • E-Book file format PDF,EPUB,TXT,FB2,PDB,RTF
  • Photo Format JPEG,BMP, GIF, PNG
  • Audio Format MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC
  • Video Format AVI, 3GP, MP4, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV, MOV, VOB, DAT, WMV
  • Read speed 8.8MB/S
  • Write speed 3.0MB/S
  • Battery Charge Time About 5 hours
  • Display 7.0inch TFT LCD

You can easily surf the net with this tablet computer. It has installed wi-fi that gives you the fastest connections to the internet. You will get 25 free e-books that have been pre-loaded in this pc tablet for you. You can enjoy your e-books from wherever you are by just a smooth touch of a button.

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In conclusion, NextBook PREMIUM 7 is an awesome and cheap android pc tablet. NextBook PREMIUM 7 is affordable and worth the price.

NextBook Premium 7 Google Android Tablet Only $150!


  • Everyone’s talking about tablets! Get the awesome NextBook Premium 7 Google Android Tablet for only $150 (normally priced at $384)
  • Delivered right to your business or home!
  • Includes Google Android OS 2.3 operating system
  • WIFI and SD card compatible
  • Embedded BookStore app
  • 7” TFT capacity display and 800 x 400 high res screen
  • Built in 4GB memory storage and G sensor
  • Preloaded with 25 free eBooks!
  • Built in speaker
  • SD/MMC slot for memory expansion
  • Ideal for browsing, checking emails, reading eBooks and much more all on the go!
  • Orders are shipped automatically! No need to redeem your voucher!
  • Save more than 60% on this fantastic piece of technology!

The Fine Print:

  • One voucher per person; can buy multiples as gifts
  • Must provide delivery address when purchasing deal
  • Orders will be shipped automatically to the address, no further redemption is required
  • Courier delivery is included and is only available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Provide a street or business address only where delivery can be made during these hours
  • Cannot deliver to PO boxes
  • Average delivery time is 7 working days 
  • This may be faster to metro areas or slightly longer to rural areas
  • Offer is subject to availability
  • Not available with any other offer; Not redeemable for cash

iPad Schmipad. It’s all about the Android tablet!

A tablet a day keeps the doctor away - or does it keep boredom away? That’s the case with the NextBook Premium 7 Google Android Tablet, at least.
With a 7″ touch-screen, the Android 2.3 Tablet features Flash 10.1 support, coupled with Wi-Fi connectivity, an e-reader, Kobo app, SlideME application manager, and the new OfficeSuite Viewer and ASTRO File Manager.  And we’re only naming a few of the fantastic features of the NextBook Tablet has on offer!
In our opinion, one of the coolest things about the NextBook Tablet is its voice command ability (take that Apple, you don’t see people going round talking to their iPad’s, do you now!).  Thanks to Google's voice-to-text technology, the latest Android tablet has fully integrated support for voice-based input. Anywhere you can type text, you can speak it.  You can also use Google's Voice Actions system - accessible via an icon on the home screen - to perform advanced functions like conducting searches and making notes.  Cool.
The list of features goes on and on (and is basically too technical to really delve into here) but if you’re a tech-nerd (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) this gadget’s for you.  
For only $150 you can get a NextBook Premium 7 Google Android Tablet delivered right to your door! It’s ideal for business and educational purposes (as well as being a highly stimulating time-waster when on the bus).  
Go on Spreeters, this is an adult toy that you can’t help but want!

Nextbook Premium 7 Multimedia Tablet Review

I have been testing out the Nextbook Premium 7 tablet by E FUN and this is my review. This is a snazzy little tablet that has a ton of great features. You can’t compare it to a Galaxy Tab or iPad because it is not in the same price range but you will be pleasantly surprised at just what this tablet has to offer.
The Nextbook has the following features:
  • Bright, crystal clear Capacitive 7″ touch-screen
  • Android-powered 2.3 OS system that is Flash 10.1 ready (can be updated)
  • Built-in 802.11 WiFi
  • eBook Reader + Kobo for purchasing more eBooks
  • SlideME application manager
  • OfficeSuite Pro
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • 1GHz processor
  • 4GB of built-in flash memory
  • SD/MMC card slot for up to 32 GB
  • SD memory card slot for expansion purposes
  • G-sensor
  • Task Killer app
  • Mini 2.0 USB
  • Earphone jack
  • integrated speakers (in the back)
  • Protective suede-like cover
  • wall power adapter unit with cable
  • USB computer cable
If you like surfing the web, checking email, listening to MP3 music files, watching videos on You Tube, chatting on Twitter, Facebook, reading eBooks, playing games, keeping an electronic grocery shopping list, or checking the time and weather, the NEXTBOOK Premium 7 could be just the tablet for you.
The price is much less than one of the larger tablets at $299.99. You can purchased the Nextbook Premium 7 at AAFES (Army/Air Force Exchange), Alcos, Conn’s, HSN, MCX (Marine Corps Exchange), Adorama, CWR Electronics, Heartland America, NEX (Navy Exchange), Bon-Ton, Fingerhut, ABC Warehouse.
The Touch Screen
I found that the touch screen is very intuitive and easy to see because it is clear and bright. It recognized my touch easily and typing on the keypad was easy as well. The buttons on the Nextbook are also intuitive and very similar to other tablets.
Just like a lot of tablets and Smartphones, you can turn the tablet in any direction and the screen will turn. You can lock it too through a setting on the tablet (not a button on the side like the iPad).
nextbook premium 7 tablet review
nextbook premium 7 tablet review
The App Store
I found it a little hard to find apps to install but then I watched one of their instructional videos on the Nextbook site and figured out. You have to use the SlideME app and then bring up the search to find the app you want to install. Touch Download, Install and then touch Settings because the Nextbook will block any installing of apps until you allow it to access the Wifi connection you are using. Once you are in Settings touch next to “Unknown sources”  and touch OK. The you can continue with the install. I found this a bit confusing until I watch the video and once I figured it out I didn’t have to do it each time I wanted to download something.
Just so you are clear, even though this is an Android operating system you cannot use the Android Market to get apps. You have to use the SlideMe app market and pick from the apps available. That means you will not be able to get every app made for the Android systems. I was not able to find Angry Birds but I did find lots and lots of apps like the Flashlight, games similar to Angry Birds, eBooks, videos, utilities and lots more. There are 10s of thousands of apps, many free so even though you might not be able to get some you heard about you will definitely have more than enough to keep you busy. If you have kids definitely try out the LEGO Master app. When I looked it was on 30 cent.
EBook Reader and Kobo Store
The Nextbook has apps already installed like an eBook reader that has 25 books pre-installed, ready to read. To add more ebooks to the built-in eBook reader you will have to attach the Nextbook to your computer.
It also have the Kobo eBook store built-in. This means you can download books directly from the Internet with your WiFi connection.
Built-in Features
Because it is on the Android system you can customize your home screen (which you can’t on an iPad) and put just those apps you use a lot on it. It also has a neat photo gallery and a lot of photos you can use to customize your background on the desktop.
Here are some of the other cool features I found on the Nextbook Premium 7:
  • Large Time and Weather feature right on the main screen
  • Task Killer built-in so you can kill apps that are open and zapping your battery’s life
  • Nextbook Guide installed so you can look for help when you can’t figure something out
  • Calculator
  • Astro File manager to easily see the files you have downloaded from the Web, from attachments via email, or through your computer
  • OfficeSuite Pro – yes, you can create and read Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint or slideshows
  • Google search right on the home screen which makes it convenient for searching the web
The speakers are in the back. I never understood why tablet makers put them in the back. If you are on a train and are sitting across from someone you often have to turn the sound up high and then it blasts the person across from you and you still can’t hear it. This is a problem for many tablets, not just this one, and maybe it isn’t a problem but more of a personal annoyance on my part.
Adding Videos, Music, Photos, Documents
You will need to hook the Nextbook tablet to your computer if you want to add videos, music, photos, or documents you already have. You can also email the documents to yourself and check your email on the Nextbook and download or open the attachments you have sent to yourself.
At the current time I haven’t found apps you can use to download music or videos from the web similar to iTunes but there may be something available in the SlideME app store.
nextbook premium 7 accessories
Nextbook Accessories
You get a USB cable and power cable with the Nextbook Premium 7 and also a suede-like pouch to keep it in. I am using the pouch to keep the manual and the cables in. I purchased a leather-like case to put the Nextbook in and it helps to keep the dust off and protected when I put it in my purse.
You can get a cover fairly cheap from The one I purchased was for the Nook and fits perfectly. I think it cost me around $20 and it came with all kinds of extra like a screen protector and extra cables. Definitely make sure you get a screen protector.
Update: You can buy just the leatherette cover that has the soft velour fabric inside for around $11 on
nextbook premium 7 leather cover case
nextbook premium 7 leather cover case
nextbook premium 7 leather cover case
In Conclusion:
The Nextbook Premium 7 Tablet is a snazzy little tablet that does just about everything you need it to do. You aren’t going to get this tablet and expect to replace your computer. I also own an iPad, which is much larger, and I can’t work on it either. Tablets are for convenience if you don’t own a Smartphone or want something you can give to your children or teens to use when they are in the car on a trip or at home. I don’t ever see them replacing computers. The Nextbook Premium is super fast, super clear, and has tons of features that make this well worth the price.







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