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Voltaic Spark Tablet Case powers your pad with the Sun's rays

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Voltaic makes tons of solar-charging gear, from laptop bags to backpacks, but what are those living in a post-PC world to do? Well, the company just unveiled its Spark Tablet Case — a thin, padded tote designed for your iPad or other slate that can generate 8-watts of power in sunlight. In addition to directly charging your iPad in about 10 hours, it can also bank the Sun's rays in a universal battery pack, for use when those fluffy things in the sky don't cooperate with your outdoor computing schedule. Optionally, the included V39 USB Battery can be charged (as you may have guessed) via USB, for extra insurance. The Spark is available now for $299 and extra battery packs can be had for $99.

Taiwan Company Claims 7-Inch HP TouchPad Coming Soon

After unveiling the 9.7-inch WiFi-only TouchPad and a 3G/ WiFi counterpart, HP is said to be building a 7-inch version of the TouchPad that will be released in August. If you are one of many who prefer a more portable tablet, this should come as good news.

The news came out from Taiwan Economic News, which reported a claim from an Inventec employee that HP ordered up to 450,000 tablets every month from their company. Among those orders, according to the source, is a 7-inch TouchPad. Whether it would be WiFi-only, with 3G, or even with 4G, remains a mystery.

We have yet to hear from HP to confirm this report.

Motorola Xoom officially launched in India. Asus Eee Pad Tansformer coming in July?

Motorola has officially released the Xoom Android tablet in India, where customers can now buy both the 3G and the Wi-Fi-only versions.

The Xoom 3G costs about 40,000 INR ($890), while the Xoom Wi-Fi can be yours for about 32,000 INR ($700). Both come with Android Honeycomb, 32GB of on-board memory, a 10.1 inch multi-touch display, A-GPS, dual-core 1GHz processor, and two cameras (rear and front-facing).

In case the Xoom is too expensive for you, you may want to wait for Asus to launch its Eee Pad Transformer tablet in India. According to The Mobile Indian, the Transformer should be available in the country starting the end of July.
source: Unwired View

Maxis Releases PlayBook Pricing, Pre-Booking Starts Now

Finally, after waiting for what seems like ages, the BlackBerry PlayBook will be arriving to Malaysia very soon thanks to Maxis. You can now pre-book your PlayBook from Maxis and be one of the first to get your hand on this much anticipated tablet device from BlackBerry when it's launched on 16 July 2011 at KL Convention Centre.

But of course, before you dedicate yourself into booking one unit for yourself, you're going to need to know one thing, the price. Maxis also announced its PlayBook packages with a starting price of RM990 (24months package with 3GB data plan) for existing Maxis Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) users.

Visit Maxis for a more detailed pricing and other offers that come with the BlackBerry Playbook, and don't forget to mark your calendar for the launch happening on:

Date: 16 July 2011

Time: 10am - 6pm

Venue: Exhibition Hall 4, KL Convention Centre

LeapFrog LeapPad upgraded to tablet status

We have covered stories concerning devices for kids from LeapFrog before, and here we have an upgraded LeapPad which has been turned into a kids' tablet. What was once a book-like device that sports several interactive elements, the latest upgrade will “transform” said device into a tablet. With a 5″ display, the next-generation LeapPad will let those aged 4 to 9 have their very own tablet experience without running the risk of ruining your iPad 2. Sporting a touchscreen display, a rugged plastic case, camera, microphone and 2 GB of internal storage, you can forget about the Android operating system as LeapPad decided to run its proprietary OS instead.

The LeapPad will also be able to play nice with cartridges which were designed for the Leapster Explorer, retailing for $100 a pop. Of course, parents might want to consider forking out slightly more for a dedicated e-book reader that will last well into your little one's teens (assuming proper support is provided then), helping stretch your overworked dollar to the maximum. Pre-orders for the LeapPad tablet will begin today onwards.
source: Ubergizmo

HP TouchPad veers into stores early, go get yours if you feel lucky

Dying to get your hands on HP's TouchPad and flirt with its WebOS before it's available on July 1st? According to Pre Central, a visit to either Best Buy or Walmart may give you the opportunity, if you're lucky that is.

During the past few days, the stores have apparently begun quietly displaying demo-loaded versions of the slate. The device went up for pre-order about a week ago, but for WebOS hopefuls still contemplating whether to take the Palm-rooted plunge, a pre-release impression may not be a bad grab between socks and motor oil. Don't feel like taking a trip to Wally World, you say?

HP announces Pivot for TouchPad, the new method to browse apps on WebOS

Finding apps can be tough, especially when your 'Store' or 'Marketplace' is overwhelmed with a daily flood of spams. That's not exactly a problem for HP, whose App Catalog for the webOS 3.0 TouchPad officially launches on July 1st and will be, the company admits, a little spartan at first. But HP has a plan for a future flood of apps: Pivot. It's basically a curated digital magazine that will present a selection of apps someone at HP found interesting for whatever reason — a way for users to discover new downloads and, more importantly, for niche developers to not get lost in the shuffle. HP hopes this will attract developers, taking a different approach from the competition, which often resorts to outright promises of cash to pique their interest — but a few free TouchPads never hurts. At least HP isn't trying to copy someone.

AndyPad confirms screen tech – resistive and capacitive “Pro” model coming

AndyPad has just confirmed that TWO models of its Android 2.3 tablet will be launching this September. The “entry level” £129 AndyPad features a 7″ resistive touchscreen, while the AndyPad Pro will arrive with the more advanced capacitive touch technology.

Here's AndyPad on the reasoning behind the new “Pro” model. It's down to you lot making so much noise, basically…

“…throughout the course of marketing the Andy Pad, a second demographic has paid us extended notice - the tech fans and the bloggers who are forever hooked on the latest devices to hit the market, who have shown us continuous support.

“We have decided to release a second Andy Pad, currently codenamed the 'Andy Pad Pro' especially for them - which will feature all the features of the Andy Pad, a capacitive screen, a front and rear facing camera and many other additional features to be revealed at a later date.

“The Pro is intended to be released at the same date as the Andy Pad, for a similar price.”

Both AndyPads also come with 512MB of app memory, which is rather good news as there was a minor bout of internet outrage last week when it was mooted they'd arrive with only 256MB.

Plus AndyPad is working to ensure a proper “worldwide” release for both versions of the tablet, hopefully at the same time as the UK launch. Go Andy.
source: Eurodroid

Acer launches 16 GB Iconia Tab A500 in the UK for £349.99

Acer has decided to launch a new version of its Iconia Tab A500 Android Honeycomb tablet in the UK. The only difference between the new model and the ‘old' one is the integrated internal storage space. The new tablet has 16 GB, whereas the one already on the market has double that – 32 GB.

That obviously means that Acer is able to sell the 16 GB version for less, £100 less in fact. The recommended retail price for the 16 GB Iconia Tab A500 is just £349.99, making it £50 cheaper than the equivalent, 16 GB iPad 2 from Apple. And while £50 isn't that much really, the lower price may help Acer's tablet make some inroads into the market, where Apple's products are perceived as either ‘premium' or ‘the norm' (specifically in the case of tablets), so having a more expensive tablet than Apple isn't a great sales strategy.

Acer seems to have understood that, so that's cool. The 16 GB Acer Iconia Tab A500 is now available in the UK.

This new Acer Iconia Tab A500 has, aside from the 16 GB of internal storage space, a dual-core 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a 10.1-inch 1280×800 capacitive touchscreen, a 5 MP autofocus rear camera with LED flash and video recording, a secondary front-facing 2 MP camera, 1 GB of RAM, a microSD card slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a (rather disappointing) 3260 mAh battery.
source: Unwired View

Wikitude augmented reality browser now supports Android tablets

The latest update of the Wikitude “World Browser” augmented reality app includes support for Android 3.X tablet devices, with the browser utilising a “split screen” view to pack more information onto the tablet's larger screen. Here's a chunk of explanatory text from an excited Wikitude employee:

“With so many great tablets coming to market, we are excited about this new version of the Wikitude World Browser with specifically tablet users in mind. This tablet optimized version of Wikitude offers a split screen, which enables you to see the Augmented Reality view and the World selection screen at the same time. It's now really easy to switch between the different worlds around you without losing the camera view or having to return to the home screen”

And here are a few pics of Wikitude running in its newer, bigger, wider, more productive tablet mode.

The Wikitude app on the Android Market contains both the mobile and tablet versions of the app. So that's the one you want if you need the above on your Honeycomb machine.
source: Eurodroid

Archos brings Android to DECT and internet radio

Sunday, June 26, 2011

As well as those very tasty new tablets, Archos has also released details of two more Android devices today – the Archos 35 Home Connect and the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone. The Home Connect is an Android-powered internet/wi-fi radio, which is very nice because we've been trying to find a decent internet radio for ages…

…while the Smart Home Phone is a touchscreen DECT wireless phone for the home. Here they are:

These have been announced by the US wing of Archos, with the Home Connect given a price tag of $149 and the Smart Home Phone coming in at $159. Both launch in the US in September. Archos is usually pretty swift at bringing things to Europe, so hopefully we'll also get some niche Android hardware action at about the same time.

Here's the full press release.

ARCHOS Now Brings Android Home With the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone and ARCHOS 35 Home Connect

DENVER, CO – June 23, 2011 – In 2009, ARCHOS were the first to market with an AndroidTM tablet

and today they continue to push technological boundaries and innovation with two new Android

devices designed for the home – The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect, an Android-based web radio and

the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone, an Android DECT phone. Both are smart devices and feature all

of the Android functionalities.

The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect is the perfect music box and the best portable Android device for

streaming radio and music anywhere at home such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or kids room.

Small, compact and easy to carry, ARCHOS 35 Home connect features WiFi and amazing sound

quality becoming a part of your daily life.

The ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone will make owning a home phone popular again. It brings

Smartphone functionality into your home and gives you access to thousands of applications such as

weather, news, games and traffic.

Both cutting-edge ARCHOS Android-based home devices, thanks to the front facing webcams, bring

new usages such as video calling, baby monitoring and even room surveillance.

ARCHOS 35 Home Connect, the most-advanced Android-based web radio

The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect is light, has an extra-long battery-life and fits perfectly in your hand.

With two high-definition speakers specifically designed for improved bass, users will be amazed by the

sound quality produced by such a small device.

With just a click on the touch-screen, users will be able to stream over 50,000 web radio stations or

music using the pre-loaded TuneIn application.

The ARCHOS alarm clock application brings users weather, traffic and news from the moment they

wake up and features multiple alarms. Users will also have access to thousand applications such as

games for children. With a video calling application, users will be able to video chat to stay in touch with family and friends.

Additionally, the front facing webcam allows for baby monitoring and even room surveillance.

ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone, the ultimate Android-based DECT phone

The ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone combines the best of a DECT phone and a Smartphone for your home. Compatible with any ADSL box or phone line and using standard DECT protocols the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone is a light and stylish home phone that brings users contact sharing with their Android smart phone, MP3 ringtones, caller photo display as well as access to thousands of Android apps, web surfing, emails and video calling.

With its sleek and stylish design the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone is finally a home phone that users will be proud to leave on their coffee table. Its charging dock is separate from its wireless receiver so there’s no need for a huge dock right next to the phone line.

The ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone gives you access no other home phone can – whether you want to quickly check your email without turning on the PC, find that definition in Wikipedia or play a game while waiting for your call, the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone can do it.

Thanks to the video calling application, users are able to call from and to a PC or Android mobile phone. Two other usages with the built in front facing webcam are baby monitoring and video surveillance capabilities.

Price and Availability

The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect is expected to be available in September 2011 at the RRP of $149.

The ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone is expected to be available in September 2011 at the RRP of $159. Both devices will be available at the end of September and will be shown beginning of September at IFA.
source: Eurodroid

Android-based 9.7-inch Impression 10 Tablet from Leader International

Leader International launched its Impression 10 tablet model. Available at an MSRP of $349.99, the I10 incorporates a 9.7-inch capacitive, widescreen IPS display that delivers brilliant color, 1024×768 resolution and wide viewing angles. Powered by a 1GHz Samsung processor, the I10 runs Android 2.2 with Flash 10.1 and features micro-SD slot, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth, 4GB flash memory (expandable to 32GB), G-sensor, USB 2.0 (one mini and two standard ports), 2MP camera, stereo output and HDMI port.

"We designed the Impression 10 specifically to deliver a better experience to the budget conscious consumer," said Gary Bennett, Leader International's Vice President of Sales, North America. "The I10 will change the way people look at a tablet that sells for under $350, and expose the world of tablet computing to a new audience."

Leader Impression 10 Tablet Review
Leader International’s Impression 10 Tablet 
New Impression 10 Tablet Review
source: Trendy Gadget

AndyPad photographed, two models confirmed

The mysterious AndyPad is getting less mysterious by the day, as specs and prices of the UK-built Android tablet start to appear ahead of its launch in a couple of months time. And now we have our first photo of the device itself.

It's white. Which we already knew. It looks exactly like you would imagine a white 7″ Android tablet to look. You can't really tell much else, but here it is:

The photo appeared on Twitter and seems to have been snapped at a business presentation, where attendees were also told there would be two models – the standard 8GB option for £129 plus one with 16GB of memory for £169.
source: Eurodroid

Lenovo ready to launch 2 more tablets

Lenovo has a couple of tablets that will join the increasingly crowded tablet market in the coming weeks, sending a note to members of its affiliate program that informs them that the IdeaPad K1 Android tablet will be announced sometime later this month (that is just a few more days left) or in early July. This might not come across as a surprise for some, since product listings for the tablet have already started showing up all over the place in recent weeks.

Apart from that, the affiliate newsletter also mentioned a ThinkPad Tablet that will be announced this coming Tuesday (June 28th). No idea on whether this will be the similar ThinkPad Android tablet that we heard about earlier this year, or could it actually be a spanking new convertible slate PC that is powered by the Windows platform? As with any other news piece, it makes perfect sense to be patient and wait for an official announcement that ought to happen sometime next week.

Just to recap, the IdeaPad K1 sports a 10.1″ display at 1280 x 800 resolution, a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor and is powered by Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb at the very minimum – which is great, since we need not hanker after a software update so soon. Expected pricing? We are looking at the $500 mark, which is the norm these days.
source: Ubergizmo

Fujitsu TH40/D tablet delayed

We brought you news last month that the Fujitsu TH40/D tablet will be arriving sometime in Q3 this year, but it seems that another delay is on the cards. According to Fujitsu, the convertible TH40/D tablet that will be powered by the Windows 7 operating system will experience a delay instead of the initial late June release date in the Land of the Rising Sun. All right, so we do know that said convertible tablet is not going to arrive anytime soon, but will there be any follow up – say, a future release date so that we can re-mark our calendars? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding no, so we will just have to sit tight and wait for an official word from Fujitsu sometime down the road.

According to Fujitsu, the delay is due to “development delays.” Yeah, that's extremely vague and it could be attributed to many factors. Ah well, let us look at this delay in a positive light and hope that Fujitsu fully intends to release a 100% working version of the tablet instead of rushing it to the market gimped.
source: Ubergizmo






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