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Impression 10 tablet claims to get near iPad specs for $350

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leader set out to thrust itself into the tablet field in earnest by launching the Impression 10. While running on an older 1GHz Samsung chip and using Android 2.2, it remains one of the few in its class to have a 9.7-inch, capacitive, IPS-based touchscreen. The panel theoretically gives it the same image quality and responsive touch as an iPad, even extending to the 1024x768 resolution.
iPad imitators of the sort are relatively common but often use inaccurate resistive touchscreens, poor-quality LCDs, or underpowered processors.

Along with chip selection, the costs are kept down by building in just 4GB of internal storage, although a microSDHC slot can take up to 32GB more. Battery life is also tangibly shorter than its Apple counterpart at six hours. Leader also gives it a two-megapixel front camera, but no rear camera, and HDMI video out.

The Impression 10 tablet is already up for sale online and costs $350.


The Impression 10 tablet tries to match the iPad, fails

The Impression 10 tablet sports a 9.7” capacitive IPS-based screen with 1024 x 728 pixels worth of resolution – sounds familiar? It will, as this is exactly what the iPad’s screen looks like. The creator of this tablet “Leader” tries to push this gadget as an iPad think-alike, but there is almost nothing in it that is same except the screen size and resolution. Personally, we even don’t expect the response to be anywhere nearing that of the iPad.
With features like the older 1GHz Samsung chip, Android 2.2 aka Froyo, 4GB of internal storage (including a microSDHC slot that can take up to 32GB) and promised six hours of battery life – the Impression 10 might be a good buy at $350, but we doubt it will dethrone the Apple monster in a hurry.






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